Carefully crafted

Twitch Chatbot

Our Twitch Chatbot, quite frankly, is the best creation we've ever made. This is a result of tireless hours of development, testing, and hard work from a team of incredibly talented developers, which I cannot credit enough for this.

Our Chatbot utilizes the authenticity of our pre-created accounts which is mentioned in our Follow Bot explanation fairly in depth. Using these highly authentic accounts we give you the option to use multiple set chat lists which we've spent hours compiling and piecing together, some are general which allow for use with any situation and circumstance, whereas others are game specific to suit your individual needs.

Aside from the aforementioned, have you spotted a chatlist on the internet that you like? Or have you simply spent tireless hours yourself putting together one to meet your personal needs? We've also allowed our users to submit their own chatlists and use them as they please, so don't you worry, we've got your back.

Our Chatbot also allows for use of tagging yourself in the chat, as well as individual control over each and every bot, through our control panel. Simply select a drop-down list of all current chatbot accounts in your chat, and send a custom message from any of them into your chat, in real time. These are just some of the features that we've managed to throw together for you. There are plenty, plenty more in the pipeline.


A range of set Chat lists

Ability to set Chatter delay between messages

Have powerful individual control over each and every single bot through our dashboard

Select individual bots to follow your account on command

Send messages through any chatbot in complete real time

Custom Chat list upload

Coming soon

Our chatbot will automatically react to your stream, in real time, based on what's happening in your game



Our Chatbots realism is its primary security, allowing for you to avoid any sort of suspicious or lime light purely because you're trying to grow your channel in the most effective way possible.

Using our ultra realistic accounts, you can rest assured that we've got your back when it comes to keeping you safe, lets say someone tries to reply to one of our Chatbots and simply asks it a question, normally, you would have an issue on your hands and suspicion would arise; not with Viewbots though, simply go into our advanced Dashboard, select the bot which has been mentioned, and reply to the message in real time with our game changing software. This functionality gives you the power to dismiss any and all thoughts of potential suspicion, and fly completely under the radar.