The most reliable and stable Viewer Bot for Twitch & Kick

The most advanced, and only completely undetected Twitch and Kick View Bot on the market. All with no downloads.

Streaming Bot

Highly Customizable

Get fine-grained control over your view bots with our highly customizable solution.

Secure Service

Our service is absolutely secure, designed to prioritize the privacy and security of our customers.

Grow Your Streaming Career

Let us help you grow your streaming career and take your channel to the next level!

I have no words

I have no words to describe how well this worked for me. The people/staff/service is always going above and beyond to please the customers.

Choose your platform

Choose which platform you will be using your new package on!

Choose the right plan for your stream

Choose the right plan for your Twitch stream and take your channel to the next level with our suite of customized bots, tailored to meet your specific needs and help you achieve your streaming goals.


Road To Affiliate

Best option for personal use and achieving affiliate status.

  • Up to 50 Live Viewers
  • Up to 25 Chat Bots
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Support: 24/7
Chat Bot & Follower Bot coming soon!

Partner Prodigy

Take your Kick partnership to the next level

  • Up to 100 Live Viewers
  • Up to 50 Chat Bots
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Support: 24/7
Chat Bot & Follower Bot coming soon!

Donation Addict

Maximize your growth and donations with our comprehensive package

  • Up to 250 Live Viewers
  • Up to 100 Chat Bots
  • Duration: 7 days
  • Free Support: 24/7
Chat Bot & Follower Bot coming soon!

One More Push to
Take the Plunge?

If you're on the fence about whether our service is right for you, take the plunge and give it a try!

With our suite of customized Twitch bots, we're confident we can help you increase your viewership, engagement, and growth. Don't wait any longer to take your Twitch channel to the next level - try our service today!

The Trial Package

Try us out today and see what we have to offer

single use
  • Up to 25 Live Viewers
  • Duration: 8 hours

Designed for Streamers like you

Our service is designed for streamers like you, with a focus on providing the tools and support you need to grow and succeed on Twitch or Kick.

View Bot

  • Viewer delay and drip feed rates
  • Fully anonymous IP's for maximum security
  • Viewerlist functionality to create a real authentic appearance
  • Constant active fluctuation monitoring with automatic compensation
  • Ability to achieve your Affiliate and Partner status

Follow Bot

  • Drip feed followers at your own set pace
  • Have the accounts used in your Chatbot also follow your channel
  • Set followers to start following your channel only while you're streaming
  • Accounts have full descriptions
  • Accounts have profile pictures
  • Accounts have banners

Chat Bot

  • A range of chat lists
  • Custom Chat list upload
  • Set Chatbot delay between messages
  • Powerful individual control over each and every single bot
  • Select individual bots to follow your account on command
  • Send messages through any Chatbot in real time

Frequently asked questions

Viewbotting on twitch with Viewbots is a breeze, upon purchasing a package simply to go and select your channel, and how many viewers you would like to send, press start, and you're done!

Fully custom control panel.

At ViewBots no downloads are required whatsoever, using our service you gain access to a completely custom Dashboard allowing fine tune control over your new Twitch View Bot or Kick View Bot, this includes a large amount of control over your Viewbot, chat bot, and follower bot settings!

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