Safe and trusted

Twitch Follower Bot

Our Follower bot is a tool which we've worked tirelessly on. We offer a variety of features which are listed below. But much more importantly aside, that, is the quality of accounts that we've created and use for our customers.

Our Follow bots are in house created accounts which have all been made to meet an extremely high standard. All of our created accounts not only follow our customers, but also follow mainstream streamers, and interact with their accounts, watching their streams, and using our Chat bot to automatically talk in their chat and create real engagement, this allows them to look completely authentic when interacting with your profile, creating a layer of security and safety previously unseen by this industry.


Accounts have full descriptions

Accounts have profile pictures

Accounts have banners

Drip feed followers at your own set pace

Have the accounts used in your Chatbot also follow your channel

Set followers to start following your channel only while you're streaming


All of our accounts are made using real residential IP's, with non suspicious emails, which look completely legitimate in every way shape and form, we can ensure while using our followbot service you wont have to worry about a single thing, we've taken security & functionality both to a whole new level with Viewbots.

Unlike other services which you'll use, once our followers go to your account, you can be sure that 90%+ will be retained on your account once they have been sent, we're constantly working on this to provide a higher level of consistency, and we'll provide regular updates to ensure that this number remains as high as it can be.